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by Gig Girl on April 30, 2010

Gig Girl tries to quell the clucking

I like to fancy myself as someone who lives “quasi-boldly.”  Adrenaline rushes don’t entice me and I behave far too financially “conservative” (okay, boring) to ever remove the “quasi” completely, but I welcome challenge, leave room for risk and embrace life lessons learned from making tough choices.   My college roomie, Kate, once told me “your biggest strength is that you make your decisions based on what you think the universe is telling you and then you stick to it no matter what.  Even if it’s the most ridiculous move you’ve ever made and everyone thinks you’re a complete idiot for doing it.”  I took it as the highest compliment.

As further tribute to my “quasi-bold” personality, my former co-workers would often tease me about being a rule “bender”.  Understand, I like rules and firmly believe that, in some form, rules are necessary.  I just abhor dumb rules made only for the sake of having rules with a fervent intensity.  So I question, push and try to circumvent to do what clearly (if only to me) is right or makes more sense (it drives my personality type A+++ husband crazy.  And who could blame him?  I totally get how annoying rule aversion can be).

However, this quasi-bold behavior coupled with a deep faith in God and my unbelievable support network has helped get me through a divorce, the struggles of single parenting, dating again at 30 (Side Note: no woman can truly appreciate how the dating world was their proverbial oyster back when they were 20 something and carefree until they’ve been forced to master how to break up with a guy via text message at age 31.  In my defense, I did do it first over the phone and then by old school email.  The text was the clincher and for that I am thankful and unashamed), open myself up to my one true love, remarry, navigate through the emotional minefield of infertility, quit my job and embark on this new adventure where I had the audacity to slap the title “President” under my name on a business card.  Heck, I even leave my frozen meat right on the kitchen counter to defrost…all day long.  All quasi-bold moves.

So here’s my confession.  The Achilles heel of my bolditude.  A vulnerability I simply can not overstate. My awful truth:  Making sales calls completely terrifies me.   I’ve spent my entire professional life building a career in support to avoid having to pick up the phone (or sending an email for that matter) and trying to sell someone something.  Ever.  I have executed this plan impeccably.  I’ve honed each one of my “behind-the-scenes” business skills and lived the past 13 years euphorically fulfilled that “revenue generation” and I never had to cross paths.

Wanna hear another awful truth?  If I want to maintain my Presidency in a nation where the total population is 1…I have to reach out to the world at large and attempt to generate revenue.  I have done everything I can possibly think of to avoid this unavoidable fact.  I’ve spent hours coming up with a business name, branding my identity, attempting to create my website myself and yes, even deliberately squandered precious moments by writing a blog post about how sales calls scare the daylights out of me (which, in the spirit of full disclosure, I must confess I wrote this past Friday but chickened out of posting until today).  Alas, I can run no more.  It is time.

As we’ve just read – I’m a rule bender by nature.  Thus, I need to create accountability for this task or I will simply justify not doing it in my own head.  So I’m putting it out there for everyone to see.   My goal for this week is to reach out to at least 10 local companies and pitch Ovel, LLC and its services.  Yes, I know salespeople worldwide would scoff at my ludicrously low weekly call goal.  I’m chalking it up to one of the perks of being my own boss and running with it.

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Jenn May 3, 2010 at 10:54 am

Having been the hopeful STAR of my Mary Kay team, then failed miserably because I couldn’t get the guts to approach perfect strangers, I changed my mindset and have been, somewhat, successful at sales since then. How, you ask? I shall tell you. By Jedi mind tricks – on myself! (Small reference to Star Wars could not be helped!) In sales, I have something that SOMEONE wants. I need to weed through the people that don’t want it and get to the people that do. So, I believe in my product, write my story about how wonderful it is and then call perfect strangers trying to send the message about my wonderful product.

This is your goal. Figure out your metrics – how many calls, on average, does it take to find someone who DOES need your product? Let’s say it is every 22nd call, on average. Then, your goal is just to get through 21, to get to the 22nd. I mean, give them the story about your product, let them know how much THEY want it, MAKE them want it, because they could spread the word to #22, but really, get them OUT OF THE WAY.

It is a bit of a different angle – you’re not selling, you’re just offering. No one likes sales people, even sales people. Offer the information that will save your future partners (instead of customers/vendor relationship, you’ll be a trusted partner) time and aggravation. Jedi Mind Tricks, it is, yes, but worth trying these tricks are, hm?

Gig Girl May 3, 2010 at 11:20 am

A plethora of helpful tips AND a yoda impression – how can I go wrong?!! Thanks Jen!!!

elizabeth May 4, 2010 at 9:09 am

I love my work but HATE HATE HATE having to promote it; even though I’ve been a talk-all-day teacher for 20 years, I still can’t easily pick up the phone when it comes to promoting my new career as an artist. Be bold NH lady! Remember: you come from the land of live free or die! Your business is your freedom, and guess what, you won’t die from making a phone call (who ever heard of dying from butterflies in the stomach??)
(even though I now live in NY, I come from a family that’s lived in NH since the 1700’s)
I found you from SITS.

Karen@WaistingTime May 8, 2010 at 9:07 am

Stopping by from SITS:) I could so not do what you are planning. I have never had that personality. I am impressed!

Ronnica May 17, 2010 at 10:05 am

I totally get why this is terrifying! I mean, not that I understand when I step back, but I’m right there with you. Occasionally my boss gives me a task that leans a bit to the sales end, and I always chicken out!

maroof May 17, 2010 at 5:08 pm

it’s always a healthy move to become your own boss rather than taking orders order. your blog is an honest account. keep it up..

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