DemandStudios – A WAHM’s BFF

by Gig Girl on April 19, 2011

Gig Girl stands by DemandStudios

When I first began my journey of exploring legitimate work at home opportunities, I stumbled across DemandStudios.  After writing a few pieces, I blogged about my experience…and got a bit of push back.  I received comments from writers discussing how sites like DemandStudios “devalue writing” and drive down the market value for freelancers.

Well, it’s a year later…and, while I still struggle with confidently embracing the title, I am officially someone who makes her living as a writer (and yes, I fought the urge to put quotes around “writer”) and I still stand behind Demandstudios as a source of legitimate income.  Do I get paid a higher rate on some of my other writing gigs?  Yes.  However, I still enjoy periodically checking out the Demandstudios database for a myriad of reasons.

  • Freedom: I’ve realized that, as a mom of a newborn my schedule is no longer my own.  And there is no such thing as a predictable, routine day.  Picking assignments from DemandStudios gives me the flexibility to work on them whenever Tobin naps or in the evenings after both boys have gone to bed for the night.  I even can use their assignments to supplement my other gigs as needed each week.  The best part?  Should something unexpected come up, I can simply “unclaim” my assignment and not have to worry about (*GASP*) missing a deadline (something we all know my psychotic need for earliness would never allow) or letting someone down for not completing a piece.
  • Creativity: I LOVE my SEO Content gig. However, sometimes it does get a bit tough to muster up passionate zeal for the occasional assignment (In the past 3 months I’ve written 18 pieces on roofs…I know more about ice dams than any Gig Girl should).  With DemandStudios, I get to select my own titles and topics based on my own interests.  The selection is virtually endless; from relationships and parties to parenting and holidays, I can pick exactly what I want to write about. Yesterday I even downloaded an assignment for “The Best Toys For Eight Year Old Boys,” (something O has made me a subject-matter expert on).  Best of all – NO ROOFING articles
  • Skill Honing: Unlike some of the “publish your own” sites, DemandStudios actually has staff editors that review (and edit) every single piece.  I appreciate knowing that a live person actually takes the time to read my content and provide feedback as needed.  There’s even a scorecard in the system so I can monitor the overall quality of my pieces and the progression of my writing.
  • Legitimate: Best of all, DemandStudios gets the Gig Girl stamp of approval as a legitimate site for generating online income.  Payment gets deposited directly into my Paypal account soon after the article has been approved.  Best, best of all – DemandStudios absorbs any paypal fees on their end (not all gigs do this) so I get the entire payment.

So, while I probably won’t make a million bucks writing for this online entity, it’s still a solid Internet gig and an extremely flexible way for WAHM’s to stave off creative stagnation and still contribute to the household’s finances.  Plus, I’ve used some of the articles I’ve published through DemandStudios as samples to secure other, higher-paying gigs.  It’s a great resource to learn some of the online writing ropes and a potential stepping stone to other opportunities.



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